Naga Yoga copyright 2003

Pranic Partners Presents:
Naga Yoga and Snake Medicine

We are delighted to invite you to join us for a unique physical, mental and spiritual experience: the practice of conscious energy exchange with serpents. Dr DevaLisa had a vision while questing in Montana and working with medicine women. In the late 90’s and then over the next 20 years she created and refined a pranic practice with her serpent collection. The practice of energy medicine is a spiritual meditation she designed, with snakes as pranic partners. Naga Yoga is different than other forms of yoga. It cerainly incorporates aspects of contemporary yoga but it is NOT executed like yoga “class”. It does promote wellness yet it involves other methods and disciplines including qi gong, healing touch therapy, energy medicine, contact improvisation, shamanism and more.

Over the next 8 months, we will update this website to show all Dr Devalisa’s work over two decades and she will share with you products she has worked on spanning this 20 year herstory. Meanwhile you can browse this site for what she has already put up currently!

Blessings as we all grace the paths!