Dear Deva Lisa,
Thank you for the sacred and spiritual adventure Saturday at the Goddess Temple. The snakes were so very tolerant of us fumbling humans, I was awestruck and humbled. What a challenge you were presented with so many who had not preregistered and with whom you had not touched in with to prepare for the event. On faith, you courageously  moved us as a group into a common space and then created sacred space for us and more importantly for the serpents. You took responsibility for teaching us and keeping us on track so that both we and the wild creatures would be safe.  All this with the added pressure of having a reporter and photographer document the occasion. Truly , you are answering the call of the Divine and being blessed in what you do. It was  life changing/enhancing for me and one that will take time to fully process. From my heart and soul, I thank and bless you for this wonderful mystical and spiritual experience.
Abundant blessings to you and those in your safe keeping, Patricia


Hi Dr. Lisa,

Thank you again for sharing your amazing serpent friends with us this afternoon. Sacred, beautiful, and potent! I look forward to connecting with you and your serpents in the future. Namaste, Wennifer

Devi has been creating unique shamanic and tantric events for our parties for over 5 years now. She truly loves and honors the snakes and their safety. Attendees of our events are psychologists, holistic health practitioners from the conscious communities, shaman, artists, and musicians. Devi has catered to these audiences. She has offered Darshan to birthday guests such as Shaman and psychologist Phil,conscious community organizer Doug Stephano, kirtan Zott, and performance artists Fantuzzi,  Scott Huckabay, Freedom, Tina Malia, and Sasha Butterfly to name a few. She has choreographed and executed special events for our solstices, day of the dead, and full moon events. She involves her audiences causing powerful transformations. Devi has collaborated with various musicians, drummers, dancers, choreographers, to produce once-in-a-lifetime memorable events and interactive encounters that my guests continue to speak about today. I read one of her articles on snake medicine several years ago and was quite taken by her subjective experiences. I know many who attend my events have had healings. I highly recommend Devi and encourage you to consult with and trust her to cater your special events and give you once in a lifetime experiences. M. Samko, Ph.D.

Working with snake medicine is a true and unique art form I have come to deeply appreciate. Del Mar Richardson

I had haunting dreams and visions of snakes. When I read about Devi and her courses on snake medicine, I felt compelled to seek her out and investigate the meanings of snakes in my own life. These sessions have forever changed my life, my goals, and my destiny. Andrea

I met Deva Lisa for the first time at Circanalia where she performed a sort of snake encounter. She found me hiding in a corner terrified of snakes. to my horror, she sought me out with one snake on her hips, one around her neck, and one in her hair. She stayed with me for 20 mins while the audience “held the space”. A month later, I tracked her down and enlisted in “snake therapy” to continue my exposure and learn how snake medicine can affect my life. Subsequently, I turned this fear into my power animal and changed jobs, careers, and my life’s goals. I hosted several women’s groups at BurningMan for Deva Lisa (Dr Lisa). I am grateful to her and to all her snake allies. Camille

I came to one of Devi’s events. I walked in the room with three guests and were surprised to witness Devi enacting powerful primordial archetypal energy translations images and themes. If you have not integrated your shadow, these events can be very evocative. I applaud her for her courageous theatre. It is clear she has the highest of intentions. Belle, PhD.

I have followed Devi and her evolution with serpentry for many years now. It is clear she has a special alliance with snakes and cares for them deeply. It is also clear there is a powerful reciprocal exchange. Dan

I interviewed Devi for a documentary I was working on and was truly inspired. I came away from this project with a great appreciation for her ability to share a unique form of spiritual yoga and meditation. Alan Swyer, Meditation: East Meets West

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